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In the old days of local SEO, in order to rank for a certain keyword (let’s say, “electrician in Glenside”) you’d have to spend a week or so building a page for that term and then wait several months for it to show up in the search results. With our SEO Ranking approach, we target hundreds of keywords all at once and get you to page 1 within a matter of weeks, not months or years.

  • Target 1000+ buyer intent keywords at once, instead of one-by-one

  • See rankings within several weeks, not several months

  • Affordable monthly fee with NO annual contracts

The SEO Ranking Accelerator Timeline

We begin your SEO strategy by targeting 1,000+ search terms. Typically, our clients begin ranking for 100+ of these keywords within the first 90 days. Here’s how that breaks down:

Week 1: First, we work with you to come up with a list of relevant keywords and cities in your service area. (E.g. “electrician, panel upgrade, electrical contractor” and “Miami, West Palm Beach, Coral Gables," etc.)

Weeks 2-3: Then we create a landing page optimized for each keyword + area combination (e.g. “electrician West Palm Beach"). These pages are supercharged for SEO with highly-optimized content and other rich elements that Google loves to see.

Weeks 3-4: Once we publish the pages, we submit them to Google for indexing and watch in our tracking software to see them climb to the top of the SERP. Monthly billing does not begin until you’re ranking on Page 1 for at least 100+ of the keywords.

Month 2: Next, we start to implement on-page SEO tactics, taking advantage of valuable SEO real estate on your website and making sure you’re following each one of Google’s best practices to maximize your chance of showing up in search results.

Months 3-5: Then we aggressively go after search terms that lend themselves better to content marketing, either because they are higher competition or because of the searcher’s intent.

Month 6+: We compare your site’s metrics with a snapshot from when we started and we look for new opportunities, areas to improve, and where to be more aggressive. Then we get to work!

4 Simple & Easy Steps

Here's how it works:

Keyword Research

First, we work with you to determine the keywords you want to rank for and the locations where you want to rank. We’ll use this information to create a list of hundreds of keywords for your business.

Campaign Creation

We get to work creating custom, optimized landing pages tailored to your unique business. These pages are supercharged for SEO, and we aim to get them ranking on page 1 of Google within 90 days.

Campaign Launch

Once all of your landing pages have been created and approved, we launch your campaign and connect you with analytics to track your performance. Our account managers are always here to answer your questions.

Next Steps

We provide monthly monitoring and maintenance of your campaign to keep your top rankings. We can also start the conversation about additional opportunities for growing your business.


We work with you to determine the list of cities, states, towns or zip codes to use in our keywords. You can provide us with a list of areas you'd like to use, or you can describe your service area to us like in one of these examples:

Local Businesses

Perfect for home services, medical offices, gyms & more!

• Every town in Montgomery County
• 15 mile radius around Port Lucie

Regional Businesses

Ideal for legal firms, B2B, mental health services & more!

• Every county in Southern CA, exclude Los Angeles
• Every city and neighborhood in the Greater Houston Area

National Businesses

Need to target the whole country? Can do.

• All 50 states
• 100 most populous cities in the U.S.


It’s really true! We’ve spent the last decade developing a method that ranks and we continue to research and tweak to keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithm. There are a few key features that set us up for success:

Our proprietary software allows us to make completely unique content (written by humans–no ChatGPT here!) while utilizing schema, links, metadata, and more to signal to Google that this is high-quality content worthy of page 1.

By targeting search terms with the “service + area” we’re going after high value terms and casting a wide net. Imagine targeting hundreds of keywords at once instead of just a few at a time.

While we can’t guarantee leads for a number of reasons outside our control, we are a full-service digital agency which means we can work with you across multiple channels (content marketing, PPC, on-page SEO, web design, etc.) to find the perfect strategy to grow your business.

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SEO Ranking Package

Our most popular plan local businesses.
Marketing Strategy Session
SEO Keyword Research
1st Page SERP for 100+ keywords
Dedicated Account Manager
Create 1000 pages of focused content
Full Keyword Tracking Dashboard
*Minus $750 initial deposit.

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